Lynnette Braillard


LuLish Design

Her love of marketing runs deep. When she’s not developing an award-winning website, crafting a creative campaign or crunching SEO reports for clients, you can find her gushing over funky wallpaper, mid-century flea market finds, and her big red dog Gitsy. LuLish Design, a boutique marketing and web development agency, was created to mingle her love of marketing, design and the web.

If you don’t see her surfing from the back of a boat, snowboarding the Northwest run at Mt. Bachelor, or jumping ocean waves on her Yamaha SuperJet jetski, she’s putting on a little conference called Swivel!


Cam Davis


Wordplay Creative Copywriting & Campaigns

Cam is one of the originators of the Swivel Conference (formerly called Bend WebCAM). As co-chair, he’s responsible for recruiting many of its world-class speakers and putting on a mind-blowing show. In 2004-05, Cam also spearheaded the Ad Federation’s Creative and Marketing (CAM) Conference, which coincidentally bore his name, but never bored any of its attendees.

When he isn’t in full-on conference mode, Cam applies both sides of his brain as a freelance copywriter and creative director for his company known as Wordplay.

Community Builder and Communications Nerd

Stephanie Spalding Bilbrey

Community Builder and Communications Nerd


Stephanie brings communications, promotions and event planning experience for profit and non-profit sectors to the team. She has a significant amount of arts marketing experience working in the diverse field of performing arts. Stephanie identified and cultivated new audiences using social media, community partnerships and is a communications crusader at heart. She deeply enjoys community outreach to better understand marketing strategies as well as programming. Stephanie has a degree in Business Management from the University of Louisville, is a graduate of Ignite Leadership Louisville and served on the program committee for Central Oregon AdFed. She enjoys discovering new places to eat and hike with her loving husband and over-privileged dog as well as stay close to her Kentucky roots through anything Bourbon.

Jim Cook

Illustrator and Web Designer/Developer

Jim has a degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois, is a former professional hot-air balloon pilot and worked for eight years as an infographic artist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

He’s been designing and developing websites for 17 years (one of his early projects was for the 1999 Papal visit to St. Louis).

In his spare time he does illustration, helps out with Swivel and a couple arts-related organizations and is the proud Grandpa of a beautiful 5-year-old girl and 1-year old boy.

Aaron Fry

Human Server, Fry

Since its inception, Swivel (formerly known as Bend WebCAM) has been the most legitimate of the myriad excuses I have come up with to prioritize adventure, mayhem, heavy musing, spontaneous dancing, art, deep transcendence and general tomfoolery ahead of anything that might be mistaken as “work” or especially work-related “training.” And while living in Bend makes it easy to do all of those things 24/7, when they happen at Swivel it’s like they’re still legitimate. You know what I mean? Maybe not. Guess you had to be there.

Shannon Hinderberger

Marketing Manager, Riverhouse Hotel & Convention Center

Shannon is a marketing geek at heart. She’s been writing web content and blogging before it was even cool to do. Her day job is at Smart Solutions where she’s a digital strategist. After work she can be found, blogging about going green, listening to the wonderful sounds of Wilco and exploring Central Oregon with her two kids, Benjamin and EmmyLu and husband Brian.

Kecia Kubota

Creative Business Consultant and Coach

Kecia Kubota is a Creative Business Consultant and Coach. Her passion is helping entrepreneurs and small business owners to discover how to make their passion a viable, sustainable, and profitable venture. She has a Masters Degree in International Affairs, with an emphasis on intercultural management and training and has spent 10 years in the photography industry working alongside her brother to grow his business from three people in the garage to a 25-employee multi-million dollar company. He was the “Idea Guy.” She was the “Make It Happen Seesta.”

Kecia loves working with people in the HOW stage: After you’ve figured out WHAT your passion is, and you have defined WHO you are through creating a brand, now we are into HOW to create systems for efficiency, play to your individual strengths, find allies to downplay your weaknesses, and instill habits that can make you successful every day. That is the essence of Groove Consulting: Helping achieve your goals with stylish ease.

Linda Kraemer Orcelletto

A volunteer for Swivel (formerly called Bend WebCAM) since its inception, is a published writer, event planner, community volunteer, idea-generator and chronic list maker. Orcelletto loves exploring all the ‘Best Coast’ has to offer since moving to Bend, OR in 1996. You’ll find Linda, along with her husband, Joe, and fur child Colby, an 80-pound, lump of love golden retriever, camping at the many super-secret spots in Central Oregon, hiking Oregon’s Outback, or enjoying a cold IPA in front of a fire. Linda considers herself a native Oregonian even though she lived in Wisconsin for more than 30 years.

J.C. Nore

Founder Connexion Printing Consultants

It’s entirely possible that J.C. is a double agent. As the founder of Connexion Printing Consultants, an agency that specializes in helping it’s clients put ink on paper, his foray into the digital world that is Swivel over the last several years just doesn’t make a lot of sense. Oh sure, he’ll tell you that SEO, social media, SEM, graphic design, content strategy and print are all part of a vibrant spectrum that all serve a greater communications goal. He’ll tell you that in his primary roles as a client advocate, he strives to place everyone in the most optimal position to get their message to their audience. He’ll insist for hours that he wants to understand more about the ever changing world of digital communications so his firm can be a true value added partner to its clients. But, for some reason we just can’t shake the feeling that he’s just biding his time, waiting for the perfect time to pull out the wires, crash the main frame, and force us all to use the phone book again.

Marcia Volk

Marcia has spent over 20 years orchestrating marketing plans from strategic planning through the execution stage, with brand stewardship as a key focus. Initially managing teams in Hollywood to produce TV commercials, and later transitioning to roles as Production Director, Director, and Vice President of Operations for design, marketing, and advertising agencies. Skilled at integrating technology into the marketing mix, Marcia led the push on the speaking circuit for interactive development since 1995 for marketing firms seeking to offer digital platforms in addition to traditional channels, and later as Vice President of Operations for a tech start-up that provided creative programming solutions for marketing companies. Captivated by the outdoors, when she’s not rock climbing in her front yard at Smith Rock State Park, you can catch her in the mountains in all seasons, skiing, hiking, or camping.