See Who’s Swiveling With Us.

The Who’s Who and When’s When

Swivel is rounding up another stellar lineup of speakers for this year’s event. Take a gander below at who’s on tap and check back often for some exciting new additions. One way or another, they’re likely to have a profound impact on your future.

2017 Keynotes

Swivel Emcee

Britney Muller

Swivel Emcee - MOZ SEO & Content Architect

Britney Muller, a proud MN native, graduated from the University Of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a major in Strategic Communications – Public Relations.

Data is Britney’s yellow brick road. She knows just how to optimize businesses online and offline conversion rates through in-depth geo-local target market and customer acquisition research.

Muller stays on top of her game by pivoting strategy month-by-month via google analytic evaluations, taking any new algorithmic changes into effect, dynamic targeting, A/B testing, eye tracking and multi-channel content evaluations.

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Matt Siltala

President - Avalaunch Media

Matt Siltala is an online search industry leader and President of Avalaunch Media. Matt’s clients have included companies like Webtrends, Steven Covey, The Home Depot, and ESRB. Because of Matt’s passion for the online industry and all things IT, he loves collaborating with other industry leaders and speaking at search conferences like Pubcon, SMX, and Search Engine Strategies, and at other events and Universities across the country.
Before forming Avalaunch Media, Matt co-founded Dream Systems Media in 2005, and has started several highly successful e-commerce businesses beginning in 1998.

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Erin Gargan

Founder - Socialite

Erin Gargan knows how challenging it is for sales, marketing and event professionals to attract attention and communicate persuasively in today’s congested online world. Erin sold her first two companies, Jump Digital Media and PMS.com (featured in Forbes) before the age of 30. In 2010, she launched Socialite Agency, an award-winning social media marketing firm.

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Ian Lurie

CEO & Founder - Portent Inc.

Since establishing Portent in 1995, Ian has made the Internet marketing agency a leading provider of search, social and analytics services. He recently co-published the 2nd edition of the Web Marketing All-In-One for Dummies and wrote the sections on SEO, blogging, social media and web analytics. He also wrote Conversation Marketing: Internet Marketing Strategies. He writes regularly for the Portent Blog and Search Engine Land, and has been published on AllThingsD, Forbes.com and TechCrunch. His random educational background includes a B.A. in History from UC San Diego and a degree in Law from UCLA. Along the way, he’s been an amateur competitive cyclist, a bike messenger, a roof consultant, a technical writer and an Adobe FrameMaker consultant. On weekends, you may find him teaching his kids to play D&D or dragging his tongue on the ground as he pedals his way up Seattle’s ridiculously steep hills.

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Marcus Tober

Founder & CTO - Searchmetrics

Marcus Tober is founder and CTO of Searchmetrics and is responsible for the software and product development. Marcus Tober studied computer science in Berlin and achieved a lot of knowledge about search engines already during his academic studies. Today he is one of the leading Global SEO specialists and speaker on many international conferences.

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Brett Tabke

CEO & Founder - PubCon Inc.

Tabke coined several SEO staples as “Link Farm”, “SEO Themes”, and the classic “SERP” (Search Engine Results Page). He was also featured in the Biography Channel special on the Google founders. Tabke was also a founding board member of SEMPO. He also wrote a chapter for the best selling “Google Hacks” book. He is also the first known person to have fully decoded the Excite and most of the Altavista search engine algos. Tabke’s “26 Steps to 15k a Day” is one of the most widely read documents in SEO history.

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Dennis Goedegebuure

Vice President - Fanatics Inc.

Dennis Goedegebuure is the Vice President for Growth & SEO at Fanatics Inc. In this role, he oversees the creation of social content, content amplification and all SEO efforts for the Fanatics network of partner sites.

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Marty Weintraub

Founder & Evangelist - Aimclear®

Marty is an entrepreneur, author, speaker and musician. He founded Aimclear®, a driven marketing agency dominant in audience targeting, modern distribution, customer acquisition and classic creative values. Entrepreneur Magazine wrote the reason for Marty’s success is his “Unique persona that is instantly recognizable.” He has been described as “not your typical agency type,” a “social media maverick,” “Foodie-Yelp addict” and “more innovator than follower.”​

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2017 Session Leaders

Dave Rohrer

Founder & President - NorthSide Metrics

Dave Rohrer has spent more than 10 years as a web developer, SEO manager, and online marketing manager. He has also spent 5 plus years at agencies where he worked directly with Internet Retailer 100 and Fortune 500 clients.

He currently co-hosts The Business of Digital Podcast and runs Chicago-based digital agency NorthSide Metrics, where he helps a wide range of business sizes and models improve their digital marketing.

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Michelle Alvarado

Owner & Director - WaHoo Films

It’s rare that someone finds their passion at such a young age and follows it dogmatically, unwilling to be diverted by adolescent whims. But just like her images, Michelle stayed focused. She got accepted at the USC Cinema and eventually landed a job at National Geographic/Sony, Monterey Bay Aquarium, BBC, and became a media teacher. For over ten years, she’s owned Wahoo Films. Michelle’s genuine passion for her clients is evident in the videos she produces for them.

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Lynette Xanders

CEO and Chief Strategist - Wild Alchemy

Lynette Xanders is an author, artist and entrepreneur and is the CEO and Chief Strategist of Wild Alchemy.
With 20+ years of experience, both within agencies and as an external partner, she is a specialist in creative development and persuasion.
Her experience as a consumer behaviorist and global market researcher is matched by her experience in brand strategy development, workshop facilitation, cultural recalibration, creative brief training and copywriting for clients and their agencies (ad/design/web/pr) — resulting in a unique and powerful combination of skills and perspectives.

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Swivel (formerly Bend WebCAM) was my favorite conference of 2009, 2010 & 2011, 2012, 2013—maybe my favorite conference ever. There were several compelling sessions from literally the top handful of SEOs in the country. And I loved the way speakers from related industries like traditional advertising, creative, and branding were brought into the fold. It made for a much richer event than most of those on the typical conference circuit and got some of us online folks to think outside our comfort zones.”
– David Mihm
Director of Local Strategy
Moz, Portland