See Who’s Swiveling With Us.

The Who’s Who and When’s When

Swivel is rounding up another stellar lineup of speakers for this year’s event. Take a gander below at who’s on tap and check back often for some exciting new additions. One way or another, they’re likely to have a profound impact on your future.

2018 Keynotes

Larry Kim

CEO - MobileMonkey

Larry Kim is the CEO of MobileMonkey, a chatbot building platform for marketers that enables mobile messaging between businesses and customers via Facebook Messenger. He’s also the founder of WordStream, the World’s top PPC marketing software company. You can subscribe to Kim’s business growth tips by email, or connect on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

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Head of Content Marketing & SEO

Jasleen Kals

Head of Content Marketing & SEO - NomNomNow

Jasleen believes content to be the heart of a website and considers herself an artist and therapist – creating a conversation that is unique, compelling and useful to the average person. Currently, Jasleen is exploring the world of content marketing, testing concepts and filling her canvas with amazing!

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Akvile Defazio

President - AKvertise, Inc.

Bringing together consumers and brands is what Akvile, President of AKvertise, Inc., a social media advertising agency, does best. Prior to launching AKvertise in 2014, she spent the last decade working in-house at a variety of companies, ranging from outdoor gear and fashion apparel ecommerce, to pet health insurance, and event marketing via paid search and social media. As a conversion driven marketer, Akvile is passionate about helping businesses expand their online visibility and reach their goals.

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General SEO and Q&A

John Mueller

General SEO and Q&A - Google

John is a Webmaster Trends Analyst at Google in Switzerland. He connects the world that’s creating websites, with the Google-internal world of search engineering. He works with almost all teams on the search side, helping to make life easier for those making websites.

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Head of Evangelism

Christi Olson

Head of Evangelism - Bing @ Microsoft

Christi is passionate about search marketing and has spent her career helping businesses solve their marketing challenges and goals through studying and analyzing data to develop actionable insights and strategies. Christi has been recognized by PPC Hero and her peers as one of the top 25 Most Influential PPC Experts in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

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Senior SEO Manager

Jeff Preston

Senior SEO Manager - The Walt Disney Company

Jeff Preston has 14 years full-time of SEO experience (10 years enterprise SEO). Currently, he is an in-house SEO Manager for international and domestic Disney sites including Disney.com, ESPN.com, ShopDisney.com, and StarWars.com. He also is an in-house user acquisition manager for paid search campaigns as well as an ASO manager for Disney app titles including Disney Emoji Blitz, ESPN, Star Wars Commander, and Frozen Free Fall.

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Kat Gordon

Founder - The 3% Conference

Kat Gordon has been called the “triple threat” of an entrepreneur, ad woman + marketing to women expert and was named one of “30 Most Creative Women in Advertising” by BusinessInsider in 2016, Visionary of the Year from Advertising Age in 2018, and one of “Forty Over 40” women disrupting the world in 2014. She is the visionary behind The 3% Movement. Started as a passion project to spotlight a huge business opportunity in advertising — the lack of female creative leadership and its impact on connecting with an overwhelmingly female marketplace — the 3% Movement has grown exponentially since its 2012 launch: hosting events in 17 cities globally, and offering consulting and certification programs that amplify creative cultures.

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2018 Session Leaders

Account Director

Kevin Hamill

Account Director - 3Q Digital

Account Director Kevin Hamill joined 3Q Digital on Cinco de Mayo, 2014 with a background in sports facility management. Kevin, who has built the agency’s largest client using cross-channel strategy and optimization, graduated from the University of Rhode Island, where he received a BA in psychology and played Division I soccer on a two-time Atlantic 10 championship team. Outside of work, he loves to hike, bike, read narrative history, play the drums, and listen to music.

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Founder and Director of Digital Strategy

Kevin Getch

Founder and Director of Digital Strategy - Webfor

Webfor’s Founder and Director of Digital Strategy started his career in marketing over 14 years ago. He has been quoted and published on leading sites like Forbes, Huffington Post, Search Engine Journal & Mashable. Kevin enjoys speaking at industry conferences as well as volunteering his time by serving as President of the board of directors for SEMpdx, a non-profit organization focusing on connecting and educating people in the digital marketing community. He was also recently honored (2014) as a recipient of the Vancouver Business Journal’s prestigious Accomplished and Under 40 award.

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Director of Growth & Development

Charles Farina

Director of Growth & Development - Analytics Pros

Charles is Manager, Digital Analytics at Analytics Pros. With 10+ years of experience in Digital Analytics, almost all of which have been with world-leading Google Analytics 360 providers. Deeply experienced in attribution, cross-device and cross-platform analytics, and marketing data integrations.

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Swivel (formerly Bend WebCAM) was my favorite conference of 2009, 2010 & 2011, 2012, 2013—maybe my favorite conference ever. There were several compelling sessions from literally the top handful of SEOs in the country. And I loved the way speakers from related industries like traditional advertising, creative, and branding were brought into the fold. It made for a much richer event than most of those on the typical conference circuit and got some of us online folks to think outside our comfort zones.”
– David Mihm
Director of Local Strategy
Moz, Portland