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Swivel 2019 Schedule

Attracting some of the industry’s most dynamic movers and shakers, Swivel weaves together a program that covers the full 360-degree marketing spectrum. Whether you’re a designer, an optimizer, a developer, a writer or a strategist, Swivel can get you moving!

7:00 - 9:00pm
Meet & Greet Party @ Crux

All Swivel pass holders are invited to join the VIP Meet & Greet party happening on Sunday night prior to keynote day!
Beat the line and pick up your conference badge while you hang out and meet some of our speakers & sponsors! Enjoy complimentary beverages and appetizers provided by Smartz.

Crux Fermentation Project
50 SW Division St, Bend, OR 97702

Conference badge? Check! Fresh hot coffee? Check! Swivel notebook? CHECK! Registration starts at 8:00am at the Hampton Inn & Suites in the Old Mill District.

Hampton Inn & Suites - Old Mill District
730 SW Columbia St, Bend, OR 97702

Where in the heck should you be focusing your efforts to achieve higher map pack and local organic rankings in 2019? This session will cover the ranking factors for both Google's Map Pack and localized organic results and give you the necessary strategies/tactics to a higher ranking.

Blake Denman

Founder & President, RicketyRoo

Amy Rosenberg

If you think PR is all about press releases and relationships—think again. We’ve modified traditional PR to look beyond the press coverage to include important elements such as social media, link building, reputation management and more.

In this crash course, Amy Rosenberg of the digitally-focused PR firm Veracity will run through some easy, actionable PR tips as they relate to digital marketing.

Amy Rosenberg

Founder & President, Veracity

Cari Twitchell

The demise of the professional digital copywriter is upon us. Content publication for the sake of backlinks is taking precedence over value-driven content. Content mills that pay interns pennies on the dollar are taking away good work. And AI is coming for all of our jobs.

There is a way to survive, however. There is a way to create a content-rich future. It has nothing to do with machine learning or new software or cutting costs. No, it’s not about any of that. Instead, it's about brand voice and content driven by and focused on customer needs. It’s about brand values, authenticity and empathy. It's about being real and communicating with integrity.

If you think this talk is going to get touchy-feely, then you’re right. Why? Because humans are craving better and deeper connections with one another in our ever-present digital world. It’s the human touch... the heart... the soul that will ensure we can connect and convert online now and well into the future.

Cari Twitchell

Chief Word Nerd & Owner, Custom Content Solutions

Kevin Indig

Everybody knows content is important and everybody creates it. But how do you compete against the millions of content pieces out there? The answer is Content Experience, a mix of design, technical content optimization, and user experience. In my presentation, I show you how big players like Atlassian, REI, or NerWallet drive traffic and links with outstanding Content Experiences and how to create one yourself.

Kevin Indig

VP SEO & Content, G2

Follow your palate to the Old Mill District and find lunch options to enjoy! Outside dining is plentiful in the Old Mill District with most of the restaurants offering patio dining with Deschutes River views.

Restaurants in the Old Mill District

Tom Leonard

You’ve probably heard that YouTube is great for driving brand awareness, but do you know how to measure that impact with Brand Lift 2.0 and implement its learnings into future iterations? Are you taking advantage of the platform's newest tools, like Video Experiments and Ad Sequencing, to test different messaging to drive the most cost-effective lift? Maybe you've been told that YouTube is now a DR powerhouse, but have you really acted on this information by utilizing TrueView for Action and Custom Intent Audiences for your brand?

Over the last few years, YouTube has evolved from a “should-probably-be-there” channel to a “need-to-be-there” channel that advertisers can't ignore. In his 90-minute presentation, Tom Leonard, 3Q Digital’s YouTube Subject Matter Expert, will be breaking down everything you need to know about getting started on and getting the most out of YouTube advertising in 2019.

Tom Leonard

YouTube Expert, 3Q Digital

Britney Muller

What is Machine Learning and how can we apply it to digital marketing? After this session, you'll understand machine learning basics, what ML can be used for, examples of ML solving SEO tasks and executable programs you can start using immediately.

Britney Muller

Senior SEO Scientist, Moz

Wil Reynolds

Same report, up and to the right, numbers are good, clients are happy right? Wrong.

I will share lessons learned when my skills in search weren't good enough and I had to level up my consulting skills, learn to have tough conversations, and pivot from the same old weekly reports.

Wil Reynolds

Founder, SEER Interactive

These guys made this party possible: SEMpdx

Smartz - Old Mill District
450 SW Powerhouse Dr #429, Bend, OR 97702

Swivel is so much more than a conference, its beyond a conference. This part of the agenda will be dedicated to YOU in an UNConference format.

While keynote insights are important, we also know that everyone attending (you!) has great insights too. We’re turning the table and dedicating time for you to ask your burning questions about digital, marketing, social media, SEO and creative and get insights from your peers.

You may be asking, what the heck is an UNConference?
It’s a style of conference where the agenda is created by you, the attendees, in real-time. We encourage you to jot down your burning questions on sticky notes and add them to the BBQ (Big Board of Questions). Our trusty facilitators will then group questions by related themes. 12 sessions based on these themes will be created for you to attend on the morning of day two.

Specific questions answered by your own panel of professionals, including yourself!

UNConference 101:
- Topics and Agenda are set by attendees (you!)
- Whoever shows up are the right people
- Facilitator will only facilitate; not participate or influence the conversation
- Law of 2 Feet: at any point you can use your 2 Feet to leave a session and join a different one - no judgement, no shame
- Vegas Rules: what happens in a session, stays in a session. Everyone should feel comfortable to share their insights and trust that their insights won’t be abused
- Disclosure: but you want to share these great insights with you team, well - you can! Just follow disclosure rules: Summarize (share a summary of the insights you learn, don’t copy verbatim); Anonymize (don’t share proper names of people or brands if they don’t want to be shared publicly); Attribute (attribute your learning to the Swivel UNConference).

Hampton - Deschutes North Hampton - Deschutes South
Organic Social Media Budget Allocations Across Digital Platforms

Hilton - Mt. Bachelor Hilton - Broken Top
Effective Local Strategies Email Marketing Best Practices

Hampton - Deschutes North Hampton - Deschutes South
Content & PR Tactics Paid Social Media

Hilton - Mt. Bachelor Hilton - Broken Top
CRM and Automation Toolbox Chatbots, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning...

Hampton - Deschutes North Hampton - Deschutes South
Brand Management and Digital Reputation PPC Methodologies

Hilton - Mt. Bachelor Hilton - Broken Top
SEO, Site Optimization, Web Development... YouTube & Video Marketing

Aaron Weiche

The voice of the customer has never been stronger or louder than it is today.
Customer feedback and online reviews can make or break your business and its marketing. Today’s search results on Google are filled with reputation signals and stars at every click. But it goes deeper than stars.

Attend this workshop to get a better understanding on how to make your business “feedback friendly”, make review acquisition easier for you and your consumer, build process to leverage the power of reviews and deploy marketing tactics that are fueled by your reputation.

Aaron Weiche

CEO, GatherUp

Cari Twitchell

Learn why and how to connect with your ideal client through authentically written content that puts your audience first and SEO second.

We all know Google prefers quality over quantity when it comes to content. But what makes for quality content? I can tell you what it isn't-it isn't keyword-stuffed copy that sounds like it was written by a robot. Instead, quality content addresses real concerns that your prospective clients have, written in an authentic voice-your voice. People crave connection over advertising. It's time to learn how to write authentically by first focusing on your reader and then thinking about SEO. Gain the tips and insights you need to revamp your content marketing efforts for your company and your clients.

- Why it's important to create real connections with your audience
- How to write copy that sounds like you and resonates with your audience
- How to incorporate SEO without sacrificing your humanity

People who write copy in-house or for paying customers will benefit from the tips provided here on how to write in a way that connects with both their ideal audience and search engines.

Cari Twitchell

Chief Word Nerd & Owner, Custom Content Solutions

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